Email Glossary

Appending Data
Amalgamating data about an individual from multiple sources.

Emails that are blocked are not processed through the ISP or firewall and prevented from reaching the destination.

Click-Through Rate
The number of people per 100 who click through to a URL embedded in an e-mail to view a specific page.

The total number of e-mails sent as part of a single campaign to addresses on the distribution list.

Hard Bounce/Soft Bounce
A hard bounce is the failed delivery of an email due to the permanent reason like a non-existent address. A soft bounce is the failed delivery of an e-mail due to a temporary issue, like a full mailbox.

HTML Email
HTML email is one that is graphically rich with colour and images and is emerging as the standard for email marketing. HTML messages pull a higher response rate than plain-text messages.

Open Rate
The percentage of e-mails opened in any given email marketing campaign or percentage of emails opened.



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From print management to direct mail, the quality of service has never faltered and most of all, their communication is decisive and honest. All of which allow me to worry less about deadlines and more about design.

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