Database Management

By using data analysis tools, dmlink are able to profile and segment data enabling different messages to be sent to different customer/prospect types. We can clean databases by removing goneaways, deceased, MPS, TPS, and FPS to ensure there is no wastage in production costs and to ensure data protection compliance.

Merge and dedupe

Data segmentation

Data profiling and analysis

System back up

Data capture and enhancement

List rental



dmlink is a direct marketing agency offering database management, direct mail, print management, e-mail, SMS and bluetooth services. Within all of these disciplines we are committed to providing effective activity that brings results to our clients, using the most effective and innovative methods to save cost and add value.


Testimonials 1

From print management to direct mail, the quality of service has never faltered and most of all, their communication is decisive and honest. All of which allow me to worry less about deadlines and more about design.

Champneys Health Resorts.

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